Fairview International School



There is a wide range of sports activities available, ranging from team to individual sports such as basketball, badminton, football, table tennis, swimming and gymnasium.





The Hall of Residence is located inside the 24-hour secured school campus on the 6th, 7th and 8th floor.  The HOR is accessible to boarders via dedicated lift access pass. Boarding staff stays on campus and is always accessible to the boarders. Together they form the boarding community, an extended family unit who mutually looks after the well-being and safety of each other.

Each boarder is given an air-conditioned twin sharing room with attached bathroom. Each room is designed to provide a conducive environment for IB learners to be thinkers and inquirers. The common area is equipped with cooking facilities as boarders learn to acquire cooking skills under the guidance of the boarding staff.

Services provided under HOR Comprehensive boarding programme
  • The boarding programme at FIS is designed to support the development of IB learners who are principled, caring, balanced and confident communicators. The boarding programme has recently been enhanced to provide a comprehensive range of services with the engagement of a boarding team that looks after the safety and well-being of our boarders and to support them academically during the weekday supervised study time. On the weekends, boarders look forward to organised excursions and outings.

What are the special features of HOR?

The boarding programme at Fairview IB World School is unique as it strives to complement the intellectual, physical and emotional development of your child in the IB programme. The boarding programme at Fairview is firmly grounded on international standards of boarding and is undergoing accreditation process with international boarding associations.

The benefits students derive from HOR programme

A boarder at FIS will be given the opportunity to be principled as they are encouraged to be independent by acquiring life skills and being accountable to the daily choices made in a guided and safe environment. Living in a boarding community with boarders from other nationality and race provides boarders with an environment that promotes international minded individuals who mature into responsible members of local, national and global communities.

What HOR offered?
  • In-campus Twin room
     2/3 rooms apartment
  • Warden
  •  4 meals per day
    Laundry twice a week
    Cleaning twice a week
  •  WiFi
  • Swimming pool*
  • Extras Supervised study hours
     Outings and excursions*
     Birthday and festive celebrations*
  •  Per semester (6 months)RM12,000 + Deposit RM12,000

* subject to terms and conditions