Fairview International School




  • – 探索“全球背景”等概念在现实世界中的实际应用;
    – 体验跨学科的教育,旨在培养和增强孩子从多个学科角度审视问题的能力,例如从科学、数学和艺术的角度探索吴哥窟;
    – 培养IB学习者特质和跨学科技能;

    – 在实地参与MYP评估,为他们在FIS的MYP学年末的成绩做出贡献;

    – 在不同地点探索和欣赏各种环境、传统和文化。


Our expeditions are an integral part of our students learning for the semester. It is where MYP students implement their Service and Action components, as well as prepare for their Assessments. As such, the expeditions are a compulsory activity for all MYP students.

Through the expeditions, we have designed and planned for your child to:
  • Explore how concepts like “Global Contexts” are applied in real-world situations;

  • Enjoy interdisciplinary educational experiences, crafted to create and strengthen your child’s ability to examine a situation not only from one subject’s point of view but from many. For example, looking at Angkor Wat from scientific, mathematical and artistic perspectives;

  • Develop IB Learner Profile attributes and ATL Skills;

  • Conduct MYP assessments in the field, contributing to their MYP end of year scores at FIS;

  • Explore and appreciate a variety of environments, traditions and cultures in different locations.