From one parent to another : Raising Gentlemen and Ladies. (4/6)

As I open the newspaper, my heart sinks. Every story speaks of conflict, war and disharmony. In the distance, my son continues to share the joy of a sandpit with another toddler, free from the prejudice and cultural allegiances that divide humanity. How will education prepare him to be a gentleman, one who focuses on […]

From One Parent To Another : Learning For A Future, Not a Past (2/6)

“Fireman? OK lets go with the fireman outfit.” My son agrees with a big toothy grin. It struck me that choosing a costume for my 2 year old is much easier than educating him for a future 20 years from now. Will firemen still exist then? How about doctors or lawyers? Should I prepare him […]

From One Parent To Another : Clarity In The Chaos (1/6)

“Chaos”; I’m a father of a 4 boys and like all responsible parents, my wife and I started the conversation about how we should educate our children. Looking at all the options, schools and systems I thought of one word, “Chaos”. Where and how do we begin to start thinking about how our children should […]