From Good to Great

The top 3 ways to UNLEASH your child’s leadership potential! Every parent wants their child to grow into leaders or accomplish and achieve great things.. But, are they born a leader or groomed into one? Is there a roadmap we could use, to guide our children? This webinar brings two leaders together: Lian, the President […]

4 Steps to Finding Your Purpose

Every parent wants their child to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Yet more and more it seems like our youth are funneled into a narrow selection of jobs to lead pre-set pathways in life. Jobs and careers that solve someone else’s problems, that fulfill the dreams of others.  What do you want for your […]

From one parent to another – Resilience : Going The Distance (5/6)

Toy cars, plastic rattles and soft squidgy animals. What toy should I give my son for his birthday? I drift to another question, “What gift could I give my son for life?”. I am reminded of William Henley’s poem Invictus;  ‘It matters not how straight the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll, I am […]

From one parent to another : Skills, the Toolbox of life. (3/6)

While interviewing some candidates for employment, I asked one of the most commonly asked about topics, “So what do you understand about teamwork and please share how you have demonstrated it in your life?” Most of them answer with phrases like “to work in a team”, “to respect other people’s opinion”, “to delegate tasks”. Often […]