Enrichment classes: Finding the balance

How to get the most out of them? When are they too much? Planning ahead – things to look out for? The experiences and skills that your child could gain from enrichment classes are endless. However, we hear mixed opinions about enrichment classes being redundant or laugh over stories of some ‘kiasu’ parents who send […]

How to Develop Your Child’s Character, Step-by-Step

One’s character is a culmination of our experiences and what we choose to learn and do from them. In our fast-paced, increasingly technological, and ever-changing landscape, our Generation Alpha’s experiences are unprecedented. Watch this webinar and find out how you can play your part in developing your child’s character effectively in today’s world.

Nurturing Independent Learners

Wouldn’t it be great to have kids who do their homework and self-studies without being reminded? This is probably one of the hottest topics during this pandemic especially with our children taking up online lessons from home. Watch this interactive webinar and we will share effective tips with you on creating student agency.

Raising an Independent Child

As a parent, we want our children to have the confidence to choose what they want in life. But yet, the education system typically removes choices and options from our children. What to study, how to answer, how to behave: these are all dictated in a way to standardize for mass education. How can our […]


许多老师认为,在课堂上不停地向学生发问就是探究方式的教学方法。然而,这种近乎审问的提问方式并非真正意义上的探究型教学。探究式学习是一种运用多种策略,通过提问来激发好奇心和引发学习动机的学习方式。 真诚的邀请您加入我们的小型网络研讨会,和我一起了解我们是如何激发年轻学子的好奇心以及作为家长的您该如何引导孩子成为勤于思考的终身学习者!

How an IB Education Brings Out The Best in EVERY Child

Inclusive education believes that every child can and will succeed, if they are nurtured in the right environment. Many schools, with difficult entrance exams choose an exclusive form of education and choose to serve the academically gifted. The IB programmes at Fairview International School are designed to be inclusive, to bring out the best in […]


作为父母,您希望培养出什么的孩子呢?想必都是希望孩子能通过自主性学习建立美满的人生。现今的教育体系能否帮助您实现这个愿望呢? IB中学侧重于“学习如何学习”,培育孩子学习技巧包括沟通、组织、自我管理、反思、研究、创造性和批判性思维等等。 通过完成个人项目,孩子可以运用以上技巧及课堂知识,实践探索他们的兴趣,成为全面性发展的青少年。

4 Steps to Finding Your Purpose

Every parent wants their child to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Yet more and more it seems like our youth are funneled into a narrow selection of jobs to lead pre-set pathways in life. Jobs and careers that solve someone else’s problems, that fulfill the dreams of others.  What do you want for your […]