Fall in Love with Mathematics

This is not a motivational talk. Yet, Aloysius’ story will definitely serve as a strong inspiration to many. As parents (and perhaps for some competitive students), we want our children to excel in all areas. But often, we forget that every child is different and that we should look at their strengths first, instead of […]

From Zero to Hero – 3 Ways IB Changed My Life

Perhaps you have heard about the International Baccalaureate (IB), and possibly even brushed it off as another glamorous title touted by International Schools. We are here to bust the myth/misconception! Join us as 2 of our IB students, Ishita and Parthiv, moderated by Mr Paul Kennedy, share how the IB programme helped them realise their […]

Fall in love with learning

Fall in love with learning. Be an inquirer like James. Discover how learning through inquiry developed James’ strong passion and love for learning. This 7-year old student from Fairview International School Ipoh will share his experience learning about Hornbills. As parents, we observe the joy of learning when we see our children persistently asking questions, […]

Math Magic

Many youngsters view math as repetitive, mechanical and not very useful in their daily lives. Well, not for this Primary 4 boy. Akash LOVES MATH and he wants to share this love with the world. It all started during his IB education journey. Learning math the IB way empowers our children as they can see its […]

Importance of Physical Exercise

IMPORTANCE OF PHYSICAL EXERCISE Breakthrough Talks by Fairview Students We often hear our teachers and parents (the ‘adults’) remind us of the importance of exercising. For a change, how about hearing this from two primary students? Toya (from Fairview Malaysia) and Murray (from Fairview UK) will offer a new perspective about staying healthy alongside practical […]

Multi Talented, Multi Wonder

Our multi-talented Fairview students, Millie from the UK and Saneli from Sri Lanka, will talk about their inspiring journey of self-discovery which has led to enjoyment of all their learning experiences while maintaining their well-being. They will share their perspectives of being a BALANCED learner too. For more info of Fairview International School, go to: […]

IB vs Traditional School Approach

Insights that you need to know about, Behind the Curtains! Discern for yourself what’s best for your child. An approach that focuses on memorisation or drawing out curiosity? That encourages exam question spotting or has future relevant assessment methods? That has only one right answer or that encourages exploring options? Listen to breakthrough stories from […]

From Good to Great

The top 3 ways to UNLEASH your child’s leadership potential! Every parent wants their child to grow into leaders or accomplish and achieve great things.. But, are they born a leader or groomed into one? Is there a roadmap we could use, to guide our children? This webinar brings two leaders together: Lian, the President […]