Importance of Physical Exercise

IMPORTANCE OF PHYSICAL EXERCISE Breakthrough Talks by Fairview Students We often hear our teachers and parents (the ‘adults’) remind us of the importance of exercising. For a change, how about hearing this from two primary students? Toya (from Fairview Malaysia) and Murray (from Fairview UK) will offer a new perspective about staying healthy alongside practical […]

Multi Talented, Multi Wonder

Our multi-talented Fairview students, Millie from the UK and Saneli from Sri Lanka, will talk about their inspiring journey of self-discovery which has led to enjoyment of all their learning experiences while maintaining their well-being. They will share their perspectives of being a BALANCED learner too. For more info of Fairview International School, go to: […]

国际文凭(IB)与传统教育引领世界 走向未来

什么样的教学方法是对你孩子最好的?是能够帮助学生发展在全球化的世界中取得成功所必需的技能和价值观如:国际情怀、沟通交流技能和批判性思考技能? 来聆听父母们分享他们突破性的故事,如何向过时的教学方法说“不”而对 IB 说“是”。 For more webinars, subscribe to our webinar playlist:… <hr> <p>[ninja_form id=12]</p>

Enrichment classes: Finding the balance

How to get the most out of them? When are they too much? Planning ahead – things to look out for? The experiences and skills that your child could gain from enrichment classes are endless. However, we hear mixed opinions about enrichment classes being redundant or laugh over stories of some ‘kiasu’ parents who send […]